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Children: Zahwa Arafat (July 1995) Education: Cairo University, civil engineering degree, 1956 (some sources say 1955) Religion: Sunni Muslim. mts al amar yapia 1929 legok. He soon gave up the idea of liberating whole of Palestine, instead settling for an independent state comprising the West Bank and Gaza Strip, with East Jerusalem as its capital. The evidence for this is that in the only two countries where the opposition was effective, Tunisia and Egypt (briefly), the opposition did have leadership and organization. Another report says, he fought in the Gaza region.

(CNN)Here's a look at the life of the late Yasser Arafat, who was president of the Palestinian Authority. Arafat looks weak, tired and sometimes dazed during press appearances. Ramallah: Palestinians will soon get a chance to glimpse the small bedroom where their longtime leader Yasser Arafat spent his final years. Education. “The marriage to Arafat was a big mistake and I regret it,” said Suha Arafat in an interview published last week in the Turkish-language Sabah newspaper. In the third raid, Israelis destroy a bridge connecting two buildings of Arafat's compound and raze the area between and around the buildings. Arafat obliges and replaces him with Saeb el-Ajez, a police commander in northern Gaza. Palestinians hold a candlelight vigil for an ailing Arafat in Ramallah on November 10, 2004. Arafat casts his ballot in Gaza City on January 20, 1996. Egypt and Syria, supported by the PLO and other Arab nations, launch surprise attacks on Israel in October. Other Facts: Under pressure from an international quartet (the United States, European Union, the United Nations and Russia), Arafat institutes constitutional reform for the Palestinian Authority, transferring some of his presidency's powers to the newly created post of prime minister. Concurrently, Arafat also announced the establishment of an independent Palestinian state, of which he was nominated president. On 10 November 2007, President Mahmoud Abbas, President of the Palestinian National Authority, unveiled a mausoleum for Arafat near his tomb. Arafat sits with aides and medical staff in Ramallah on October 28, 2004. The U.N. General Assembly votes to grant observer status to the PLO. [17] But shortly thereafter she denounced the prosecution as a Tunisian scheme to defame her and the Palestinian cause. Thereafter, he worked briefly in Egypt before settling in Kuwait. He had been on a respirator since slipping into a coma on November 3.

Suha attended a convent school, Rosary Sisters' School, in Beit Hanina, Jerusalem. Zahwa was named after Arafat's mother. Yasser Arafat was born sixth of his parents’ seven children, having a younger brother named Fathi Arafat. Israel defeats the combined forces of Egypt, Syria, Jordan, the PLO, Iraq and Kuwait in the Six-Day War in June. Likud Party leader Sharon wins a landslide victory in Israel's February 6 election for prime minister. Here he continued his association with Jews, engaging them in conversation in order to understand their mental set up. The British withdraw from Palestine, and the first Arab-Israeli war breaks out. Adored by his followers and hated by his detractors, Yasser Arafat remained an enigma till his death in 2004. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/france-opens-murder-inquiry-into-yasser-arafats-death-8084734.html, http://maldiveshistory.org/index.php?title=File:Yasir_Arafat_(14).jpg, https://www.flickr.com/photos/worldeconomicforum/350340835/in/photolist-ed4UN-nec5Fe-5PsqYK-nec7tH-8TgPMr-b8dFua-ee1576-necqMr-5PwGt1-5Psr5v-dRrcds-8ddx-8dbx-8dbj-wXA8e-Fd9TrD-dReWYQ-adcfoA-abqhP9-Sd4icU-cqnyZN-8smQSD-dp7Am3-kdZNNA-7bh3tp-LMHCY-9gbpVu-5GJ5eG-tToC2-kdZP6Q-52TEwX-kdZQ9m-2yfsFn-5dukLD-7TmzAd-ntCXWd-eQ3rHX-7KipZs-qxyirP-7FTytx-vqdLL-F97J7k-cN9wDC-JJzc55-KF84Hp-yWAaCq-fifnxS-5dmbnK-4KDuKg-oiMcH, https://www.flickr.com/photos/mharrsch/149468946/in/photolist-ed4UN-nec5Fe-5PsqYK-nec7tH-8TgPMr-b8dFua-ee1576-necqMr-5PwGt1-5Psr5v-dRrcds-8ddx-8dbx-8dbj-wXA8e-Fd9TrD-dReWYQ-adcfoA-abqhP9-Sd4icU-cqnyZN-8smQSD-dp7Am3-kdZNNA-7bh3tp-LMHCY-9gbpVu-5GJ5eG-tToC2-kdZP6Q-52TEwX-kdZQ9m-2yfsFn-5dukLD-7TmzAd-ntCXWd-eQ3rHX-7KipZs-qxyirP-7FTytx-vqdLL-F97J7k-cN9wDC-JJzc55-KF84Hp-yWAaCq-fifnxS-5dmbnK-4KDuKg-oiMcH, https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Gaddafi_with_Yasser_arafat_1977.jpg. During his school years, he spent his summer holidays at Jerusalem, growing an attachment to the city. declaring that a leadership changeover is vital to the peace process. From left: Yasser Arafat, former Israeli prime minister Yitzhak Rabin and Shimon Peres after receiving the 1994 Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo in 1994. April 20, 2010 to present.

The Munich incident, in which eleven Israeli players and three German policemen were killed, was criticized by international community.

But the same year, the PLO officially recognizes Israel. [16], On 31 October 2011, the Tunis Court of First Instance issued an international arrest warrant for Suha, relating to corruption in a business deal that involved the former Tunisian first lady, Leila Ben Ali, in 2006. In June, Sharon's government and Arafat's Palestinian Authority agree to a U.S.-brokered truce to try to halt the violence between the two sides. Later when the Palestinian National Authority was formed, he was elected its President. In 1944, Yasser Arafat entered the University of King Fuad I. Yasser Arafat was a leader of the state of Palestine and 1st President of the Palestinian National Authority.

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