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All the videos I see are mostly on the 1980. The tournament-inspired livewell is equipped with an anti-splash ring, removable divider, recirculating aeration, and an auto pump-out. Just another reason you can count on a higher level of confidence that We're Building In While Others Hire It Out. My bad there Jimbug, I was on Days Marine site in Frankfort, KY. Replies: 12; Views: 1,209; Rating0 / 5; Last Post By. A 4” Channel frame, UV protected polyurea coating, LED lights, aluminum wheels, surge disc brakes, and matching painted accents complete the overall package. Not only does the design create more deck space and room to fish but it delivers an incredibly smooth, solid, and quiet rough water ride.

Why shouldn't the boat be built to fit you, not the other way around? With the Vexus being a bigger boat, that's not too bad. They all allow fuel to bypass the rings into the crank case and contaminate the oil. Thanks Jimbug, that’s what I was looking for. A true force of nature, it’s precision-engineered for faster hole shots, ultra-responsive handling, and an incredibly smooth, dry ride. Just because the hull is built out of aluminum doesn't mean it has to resemble your grandfather's jon boat. My buddy has a 1980 with the 150 4 stroke Merc (not the Pro XS) and he gets 52 or so with dual poles and 3 graphs. check out the. No more flimsy, plastic drop-in boxes held down with wood screws. Oversized Gelcoat/Fiberglass Rear Storage. Not a tough concept to grasp.

Is this information derived from the current manuals? Thirty-two gallons of fuel balance the layout while the easy feel of SeaStar™ Pro steering is a strong complement to the performance-bred cockpit. Measuring 18’ 10” in length with a broad 95” beam, this sleek, hand-built machine is highlighted by an exceptionally smooth ride, responsive handling, and great price. Knowing that your AVX doesn't rely on any type of wood reinforcement is more than comforting. Angler. Additionally, the well is equipped with recirculating aeration, a pump-out system, and Splash-Guard technology. package it for the price point you want it at, but let the consumer decide if they want to pay more for a larger engine. The transom is the very foundation of the boat structure and at Vexus we're focused on ensuring anglers can outfit their rig with today's setback plates and shallow water anchors. Before testing your speed, make sure that your device is healthy by scanning for any viruses or malware which may slow down other programs including the speed test. ETXsabre. ADX190 GLASS-INFUSED ALUMINUM HYBRID DESIGN. Our Vector Force Transom is constructed of .125” aluminum and reinforced with 60% more material than the industry standard. AVX. Internet-connected devices such as computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones will all have different WiFi speed limits. We are proud to announce thatNTS Communications has become. One key to providing drier storage is to help ensure the lid completely seals.

BBCBoards is the leading online community for Bass Boat connections. Posts: 265. It seems you could say that the most realistic top speeds with tackle and passenger for the Vexus AVX series boats might be stated to be: 1880/115hp - 48mph, 1880/135hp - 54mph, 1980/150hp - 58mph, 2080/200hp - 68mph. Our enclosed, tapered rod tubes allow for individual storage without the worries of rod tips hanging on the end of the tubes. I see a lot of posts about the AVX 1980 speed, mid 50’s . You won't see us offering base-level equipment that keeps the starting price artificially low.

Vexus Speed Test.

This information is derived from a current certified Mercury master technician in advice given to me. He has the boat described, above $35,856.00.

Our exclusive stretch-formed gunnels provide a sleek look that's often mistaken for fiberglass. You'll find our entire lineup has a stainless-steel propeller, stainless boarding ladder, smooth hydraulic steering, an onboard charger, retractable rod buckles, and a proven Minn Kota Trolling motor built into the price. How do you like the Evinrude G2? It is very hard to get the rings seated well in these engines due to lack of heat. Check out this, Our commitment to your satisfaction is why our trailers are hand built alongside your rig, precision-matched to each hull. BigSexyPhoenix. FIBERGLASS BASS. Quick out of the hole, the 1880’s smooth-riding pad hull runs and lifts well with a 115 or 135. If I were to ever convert over to an aluminum boat then the Vexus would be on top of my list. Many others not only don't offer these options, but installing them actually voids the warranty. If you're still having problems resetting your password. Make sure that you have the latest updates installed for your computer or device’s operating system and remove any unused plugins or extensions. An adjustable driver’s seat and remote drain plug control are also available.

It’s stealth-infused to grip the water and lock on to fish.

Now, you can leave the regret of corner-cutting composites and squeaky, rotten plywood far behind. Last edited by Court; 08/05/18 11:12 PM. We do that with a carpeted center rod box that literally cradles the equipment in place. In short, these Glass-Infused Aluminum Hybrids™ are genetically enhanced to look, feel, and perform like glass. Available in both the AVX1980 and AVX2080 models, this color-rich package rests on our proven AVX high-performance pad hull.

Our fiberglass boxes are generously oversized while being sealed and foamed into each AVX. Additionally, the raised lid openings provide an even drier seal, delivering added protection from water and weather. Available with Power of Choice Professionally Rigged Outboards, Crank Battery includes Battery Tray and Tie-Down, Tournament Grade Fiberglass Aerated Livewell with Anti-Splash Ring, Divider and Pump-out, Speed, Tach, Fuel, Trim, and Water Pressure Gauges, Hard Case™ Paint with Clear Coat Protection, Custom Painted-to-Match Fiberglass Console, Fiberglass Control Panel, Bow Panel with Integrated, Recessed Trolling Motor Pedal, Wide Variety of Custom Factory-Rigged Electronics, Integrated LED Bow Lights with Removable Stern Navigation Light, Lit-Tip Toggle Switches with Convenient Resettable Breakers, Custom-contoured High Performance Bucket Seats with (2) Fold-down Fishing Seats. Our exclusive Black Widow™ design is custom built to do more than just look the part. Instead, we paint the entire hull showing no raw aluminum and the matching color is protected by a Hard Case. A premium-quality aluminum bass boat, the Vexus AVX1880 is built by passionate bass anglers for serious fishermen. Inside, the 1980 is loaded with an equally impressive set of advantages. Actually, with the new 4 stroke motors, it isn't. Spent 15 years in an Xpress and loved it. check out the. We incorporate a valve system that makes changes easy, no more sticking your hand in cold water to drain the livewell. If I was to ever get back in another aluminum boat, I'd make sure it had an Ultrex on it. When money's on the line it's comforting to know that our livewell system is designed to keep the day's catch healthy and safe. Our Vector Force Transom is constructed of .125” aluminum and reinforced with 60% more material than the industry standard.

Custom Upholstery with Optional Adjustable Driver's Seat, Oversized Gelcoat/Fiberglass Rear Storage, Insulated Fiberglass Cooler with Seal and Drain. You can use the Vexus Speed Test to measure your Internet connection at any time. No more flimsy, plastic drop-in boxes held down with wood screws. Our stainless-steel pull-up cleats stay out of the way until they're needed. Other specs include an overall length on trailer of 20’ 9” and an overall width on trailer of 8’ 2”. Evacuating the water is critical to keeping your gear dry. Is anyone running a 115 with a jackplate on an 1880? That dealer stated that Vexus has said that the 1880 with a 135 will run 53-54 MPH. VX20 VX21 Series … Many aluminum boats receive the same paint that's applied to a cheap utility trailer. Our commitment to your satisfaction is why our trailers are hand built alongside your rig, precision-matched to each hull. To make sure that you are getting the fastest speeds possible, please read through the steps below before testing your speed as there are multiple factors that can determine the speed results you may receive. I really like that 2080 with the 200hp hanging off the back.

Started by BigEasy, 10-04-2020 08:12 AM. There's no room for cheap, snap locks and failure-prone fuses in our wiring harnesses. Looking aft, large fiberglass storages are insulated and feature the added confidence of raised lip seals and compression locks for the ultimate in wet-weather readiness. Instead, we paint the entire hull showing no raw aluminum and the matching color is protected by a Hard Case, We don't stop at simply putting a fiberglass console in our boat. Instead, waterproof connectors and resettable breakers are coupled with our heavy gauge wiring for the ultimate in confidence and reliability. But the difference is your truck engine runs much hotter at lower RPM. Top 51 mph in perfect conditions, 48-50 typical. The manufacturing processes we use create a consistent running surface not found in other brands. The manufacturing processes we use create a consistent running surface not found in other brands. Vexus 1880 - Saw it, touched it, loved it, but... http://www.bbcboards.net/showthread.php?t=909826, Mercury - 2.0/ 2.4/ 2.5 Liter High Performance, Mercury - 3 Liter & 3 Liter High Performance, Wanted to Buy - Other Than Fishing Tackle. Have not decided between the 1880 and the 1980, all depends on pricing when ready to purchase, hopefully in a month or two.

One key to providing drier storage is to help ensure the lid completely seals. Sign up for updates to receive company news, product launches, and more. Thanks for the info Stinnettjn, that is what I was looking for . Additional rod-ready storage is positioned near the passenger seating. But we don't stop there. Protecting today's high-tech rod/reel combos is important. Others use a ¾” diameter base to hold the fishing seats in place. Trailer Upgrades - Includes Parking Brake, Two-Step Entry, and Fender Boxes, Digital Ignition and NMEA Gauge System - Includes CoastKey, NMEA Gauges, and NMEA Network Harness to Engine, 2 - 8’ Black Minn Kota Raptors w/Active Anchoring. Angler. Our ground-breaking AVX high-performance pad hull enjoys a running surface with less drag, increased bow lift, and superior overall handling and performance. At the stern, the rear power compartment is designed for trouble-free access to the bilge, batteries, pumps, and additional gear. Combined with a choice of outboards, a Dual Pro 6x3 on-board charger, USB & 12V power outlets, LED light under the driver’s console, 100% Wood-Free construction, custom-built trailer, and our exclusive Dense Base™ superstructure and Vector Force™ transom, this Glass-Infused Aluminum Hybrid™ is Put Together to Stand Apart. With the Victor Package we even provide an adjustable driver's seat.

You will need to check the owner’s manual of your device to find out if it’s capable of processing higher speeds. 2019 Vexus 189 Mercury 115 Pro XS Twin Helix 9's Minn Kota Ultrex. SeaStar™ Pro hydraulic steering centers the helm, complemented by a full array of electronics and instrumentation. It's a solid combination that reinforces our notably quiet, solid, and responsive feel. These boats are amazing! The area also includes a main power switch and room for additional gear like a spare prop and shallow water anchor pump. You'll find that the custom driver and passenger seats not only look great but feel the same way. It's a solid combination that reinforces our notably quiet, solid, and responsive feel. Don't settle for a trailer built by the lowest bidder. Likewise, the massive decks are inundated with storages so large they literally dwarf other aluminum designs. Center Lid Graphics - Interior & Exterior, Custom EVA Rubber Flooring with Web Pattern, Crimson Metallic Console, Bow Panel, and Side Panel with Matte Finish, Special Order Seat Color with Carbon Fiber Center Pattern, Flat Black Trailer Fenders with Custom Step Pads.

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