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The clicking sound guides it into the preferred position, then simply close the lever. As an expensive binding that was a big financial commitment to buy this has not lived up to the amount of hype around it. Up to 30 days after purchase – we’ll match it. Hey Alex, the Bent Chetler / Shift combo is an awesome set up. According to the shop manual line up the raised rectangle on the silver piece with the arrows of the housing. (also posted in Tecton review comments). Understand that you are not dealing with a step-less, smooth setting action, but a step-by-step slider that climbs or goes down one step at the time, 2. With that said, Im 6’2” and weigh around 182. 2. I’ve now spent some good BC spring days on the Shift + Zero G 105s, including a recent long day with a 7.5 k North Cascades descent crossing several kinds of snow from steep firm to bottomless glop and even some powder in between. Longtime Salomon freeski athletes Cody Townsend, Chris Rubens and countless others who spend the bulk of their time in the backcountry have worked closely with the company’s Alpine R&D team for a number of years to develop the Shift.

Given the plush ride of the ZG 105 + Shift combination when compared with the M4 Mantra, I’m simply not tempted to try the Sickday/ Tecton combo I was talking about above. So far, my initial impressions of the binding are holding up. Perhaps I’ve just subconsciously been skinning less sloppy, but whatever the reason, this issue hasn’t reemerged on my past two tours.

if not yet, do you have any idea whether the mod could be done to the current binding ?

Salomon / Atomic SHIFT MNC 13 — Specs, Notes, and On-Snow Performance. Curious how mogul skiing is in these bindings.

Hi sam, My Guardians would lock into ski mode on me too while climbing so it seems Salomon touring bindings are never without flaw. Curious to what brake width you’re using for the 120 Cheters? [Editors' Note: This content originally appeared as part of this article comparing the Shift Binding to the Fritschi Tecton. Maybe I had ice build up or something…. What bindings do you need for freeriding and ski touring? The toe lever has to be completely vertical to be fully locked out. Thanks for the great review. The Salomon Shift Binding delivers pure freeride performance with regard to power transmission and safety due to the elasticity in the wings that absorbs shock.

Jonathan Ellsworth, Founder / Editor, Blister. Also note the raised rectangle, Shift adjusted with the silver piece lined up with the two arrows ever so slightly tighter than if the silver piece was flush with the housing. You can expect delivery within 5 to 10 days of placing your order, Monday-Friday. Almost there - if you want to get the coolest videos, gear reviews, snow reports, competitions and ski news from around the world, make sure you check your inbox and confirm that you want to hear from us.

Going Virtual Leads Warren Smith Ski Academy Tour to Record Success, Snowsports Socks to Raise Money For Cancer Research. Contact a customer service representative 1.833.550.2736 Monday to Friday, 7am to 4pm Mountain Time.

I turn the screw to the left to the maximum and still afd touches the boot sole. Salomon is claiming 47 mm of elastic travel in the toe, which is seriously impressive considering that the Salomon STH2 has 52 mm of elastic travel in the toe — and traditional tech toe pieces have almost no toe elasticity. Will update again with a further review. (Evo’s Line sale notwithstanding), (BTW, this is purely recreational and I’m not affiliated with any commercial ski gear, shop, review or guide service of any kind.). Thank you! There is only one riser height, when it seems like a second riser height could have easily been engineered into the design. Then use a flathead screwdriver (or whatever you have handy) to raise the boot toe and only then turn the AFD adjustment screw to raise the AFD to the desired position. With an easy step-in, convenient switch between ski and tour modes and fast and intuitive access to the climbing aids, the SHIFT makes it quicker and easier than ever to get to untracked lines.

MnO has some useful hints on how you can adjust the AFD to have it stay in place: 1. Not enough to lift it up a click, but to tighten it so that the edge really sits safely on the right level. The Shift is a new breed of binding that does everything right. I’d love to buy a pair of these for some new Volkl Secrets that I plan to use at the resort and on the resort shoulders. 2.

I think the ratings are wrong – brakes are wider than spec. I am looking for a resort/touring binding, but I normally ride around 5/5.5 din so I’m slightly worried about the min 6 din. Pair them with your favorite pair of boots and ski with confidence. That was a problem that popped up in the first sample production run that was given out to athletes and testers. I’m thinking lucky me, and skied down on one ski, only to find the heel piece gone.

I’ve got high traction skins so hopefully I don’t end up in tough situations often. This season, I ended up filming my entire MSP films segment on the SHIFTs set to 13 and never had one single pre-release or unwanted release. Am I doing something wrong? From technical features to weight and multi-norm certification, these bindings meet Salomon’s very highest standards. How similar is it really to an alpine binding in terms of downhill performance? Great review, thank you! On top of this improved safety, the binding also has elastic travel in both the toe and heel, just like an alpine binding.

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