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My Testimony about Speaking in Tongues In war we use spies to send secret messages back to headquarters and we on purpose don’t state it in a way that is obvious. ‘But you, beloved, building up yourselves on your most holy faith, praying in the Holy Spirit.’ – Jude 1:20. There are many Christians who pray and never received answers because their prayers were not the will of God for them or for whoever they were praying for. How could we refuse? Jan 18 . These stories of orphans and adopted children stir me and keep the baby vision burning in my heart. Praying in tongues helps you pray out the plan of God for your life. And when you move deeper into praying in the Spirit, God is going to bring you into the spiritual realm. For all I know, God could change the meaning of what I’m saying each and every time, since it’s His language. It allows you to pray the will of God by the empowering of the Holy Spirit. The power of God is released to destroy the webs of darkness every time you exercise this precious gift.

He will like that you are trying. Remember that you are trying to remove all distractions, so when you start trying to pray in tongues find a quiet place that you can be alone to sit (or lay) for an hour. Before us we had a decision to make. I opened my mouth and began to speak in a language I didn’t understand but my mouth knew what it was doing, I didn’t know I was speaking in tounges at the time and only realized it years later. After this demon episode is gone. fantastic blog. During pre-service prayer at church I had been asking the Lord for a prophetic word of direction. The church was sponsoring a missionary conference, so we decided to stay in town in order to attend it. Is Tongues the Least of the Gifts? Do you think this is me hindering the Spirit or is that all He’s giving me. To magnify something means to make it greater and bigger, to increase its significance. This cycle of action and faith is no different in learning how to pray in tongues. I know I felt all of these frustrations during my journey towards a deeper prayer life. Worrying about your technique of a God-given gift, where the Holy Spirit prays with you, where spoken words aren’t understood…you get my point, worrying is meaningless and is going to do nothing but throw you off track. My point is pray to be shown your iniquities and generational curses, and pray for them to be released. The ministry of the Holy Spirit has a lot of heaven’s blessings for the Church. To add complications, there are many churches that don’t support this gift. “And then he told them, ‘Go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone.

We had the strong goal of going to Japan. If I focus on something else, the flow of tongues is more free for me. I just experienced it now as I come from that lonely room. No, there needs to be a combination of acting through faith and our freewill to bring it into action.

I would have to agree, sometimes He has us chase a goal because it is the journey that will benefit us the greatest. ‘The heavens declare the glory of God, and the firmament shows forth His handiwork.’ – Psalm 19:1. Related: 5 Easy Steps to Praying in Tongues The Gift of Tongues My father and his friend laughed really hard they thought I was still asleep.

Many people incorrectly believe that gifts from God are bestowed upon us all at once and in full and their inability to heal, prophesy, or speak in tongues is because God has not yet blessed them with the gift.

The few sounds you are able to make at first are those most natural to you, that is, the ones which flowed out of your spirit the easiest. Last, remember that God holds no good thing (Psalm 84:11). Praying in tongues helps you to yield to that which is of God and overcome the desires of the flesh. The Gift of Tongues Related Article: 12 Proven Ways To Trust God Completely.

It really spoke to me and is very encouraging.

This is my experience with the Holy Spirit. Dan’s friend John had a project and wanted Dan to work for him, in Reno. So I pray in tongues a lot while I’m at work, at the grocery store, while driving or planting flowers, etc. I remembered hearing how Pastor John Osteen relates when he first spoke in tongue. Age 81 on the computer ain’t that easy! We would leave the familiar and the comfortable and follow the leading of the Spirit. Your spirit needs to be revived again and again. One evening after yet another call to the Richard Roberts prayer line without success I sat and cried, certain that I had in someway done something that somehow I had done something which disqualified me from receiving this gift, that somehow God did not love me as much as he did those who had received. Next experiment and practice with short vowel sounds, then long vowel sounds. At the Missionary Conference, we heard that in, Sri Lanka, a Foursquare missionary has adopted 40 unwanted children. can be avoided. Bill Johnson puts it really well “God hides things to be found”. All I’m doing is letting Him use my mouth to state what He wants and I never thought it was my job to care what I was saying but to trust Him to speak through me and to offer Him my mouth as often as I could think to do it. The first week in January of 2004, we spoke with Bobbie Jean of our dilemma, and she said, “You need to hold an all church prayer meeting much like the one held in Guatemala City, praying seven uninterrupted hours in tongues.” I practiced the most while driving my car so I didn’t over think it. I don’t think our prayer language is a language like any other language that exists. Through Jesus Christ we all have the gift of heartfelt giving, but does that mean that the Holy Spirit makes the money jump out of our pocket into the offering plate? His plan for your life can not be discovered naturally; it is not based on your natural gifts and talents. You need to give God thanks for all that He is to you and everything that He has done for you (See 1 Thessalonians 5:18).

Don’t discount this powerful gift from God. Website design: jenamolinadesign.com, Dinner with friends, Auntie Bev and Chuck. She went to Egypt in the early 1900’s, by faith, not knowing any of the details. It cannot be studied, learned or written in any college or university because it is not a natural language. For the promise is to you and to your children, and to all who are afar off, as many as the Lord our God will call.” – Acts 2:38,39. Are these the tongues you speak of? Your college degree or certificate cannot determine your divine purpose on earth. Then you will get to the point you don’t need to start with a song. We had lots of invitations for dinner. In short, start babbling like a baby. So we determined to pray in the Spirit from West Wendover to Reno, a 6-7 hour drive. After praying in tongues, other doors open, literally making a way where there seems to be no way. Amazing grace, how sweet etc da tah ka ma Ki la ti dee. Depend on God to help you increase your faith in praying with the Holy Spirit, and trust that the Father will remove any barriers in your way.

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