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Cannot be produced. For a returning player this is an amazing one stop shop for all info on the game.

If you ask in Nation chat you may be able to get some advice on where enemy elites seem to spawn or sail more regularly. Use the R/Q buttons to turn front sails and the Z/C buttons to turn bottom sails. But many upgrades can be sold for 500k or more so it’s a good way of earning money when you need it.

The only item of real monetary value is the. They can all drop wooden chests so make sure to have someone grab them as soon as an enemy is sunk. Her damage output per broadside is roughly 25% higher than the Pavel, for instance. As you can see from the prior sections, a lot goes into the production of top end ships and benefits greatly from a team effort. Aggies – High crew requirements but they are great ships that can usually be found at reasonable prices and don’t require a permit to build.

Seeferkels, Expert Carpenters (ECs), Combat Carps (CCs), Gunnery Slot (1-2) - i.e. Identify which (2) woods you plan to use for frame and planking. DLC ships can use any of the Tier 2 seasoned woods (not the rare tier 3 woods but extremely good) and you can redeem a new one every 24 hours. Northern Masters Carpenters (NMCs), Naval Mast Bands (NMB). Here is her sailing profile. Her structure is only very slightly lower than the Victory and her armour remains equally thick.

Use with care. Begin by boarding NPCs, but beware - they are now doing last minute switches as well, although usually only in response to your own actions. Official forum can be found at http://forum.game-labs.net/, Press J to jump to the feed. If you'd like to become a crafter or simply want to know where you're likely to find ships at the auction with good bonusses, these are some of the current ports. Seasoned woods are very expensive to craft and will significantly enhance the ship, as well as increase its price.

The wind blows from top to bottom.

For a cheap snow, head to Morant or Carlisle. Naval Action Craft. Parts of this Guide are still under development - Please bear with me while I work on completing it.

If you want a ship to perform a specific role, use this link to see what its broadside weight is for carros or longs. The longer the duration of the boost, the wider the circle where it can be grabbed. This is a solid safe way to build up. Hovering over the ship you want to craft in your shipyard will tell you how much experience you will recieve when crafting it.
Naval Action is a hardcore, realistic, and beautifully detailed naval combat sandbox immersing players into the experience of the most beautiful period of naval history – when sailing ships ruled the seas. Navy Hull Refit - Bought at admiralty, big increase to speed (3.4%). Moreover, ships do different roles particularly well so telling people which one is the best is impossible - often, they do different things.

She is comfortable on a bread reach, as all square-rigged ships, but loses speed anywhere else. Outposts give you access to a harbor (ship storage), warehouse (item storage), and allow you to teleport your character (without any ship) between your other outposts for a few doubloons an unlimited amount of time per day. Navy Planking, Naval Mast Bands (NMB), Cartagena Caulking Refit (CCR), Gunnery Slot (1-2) - i.e. Perks can be managed in port by clicking on the button at the top right of your screen or by pressing. Start by working on economy missions and work towards getting yourself a fast cheap trading ship. Please see the. The value between 0 and 1 is that fraction of her top speed that she can reach at each point of sail. So if you battle in a rattlesnake, even if you lose it your next rattlesnake will have the xp you gained earlier, etc. So looking at the tacking image below, you can see us tacking to the right with our V open to the right. teak/teak or teak/bermuda for speed armor combo. DLC ships are not at the top of their respective classes, but they are almost all pretty decent and give you an expendable ship that you can always fall back on. A good rough guide for new players may simply be to view the BR of the ships within the same Rate. There are never enough and they usually go for a ton. Parallell - Use for sail damage/demasting. As soon as you can move on from medium guns, do so. Firepower - How much firepower you and the enemy will use THAT TURN. Try to buy them for less than 30k if you can, and make sure they are as fast as possible. You also need to know what ports produce the items you’ll need. Constitution – very valuable, but they can usually 1v1 any pirate ship. The basic idea is to find a method of obtaining upgrades, determining how much they are worth, and selling them. Remember you can repair and they can't. If you are in a ship with much less crew than the enemy, do not approach them until they actually sink or you risk being boarded and taken before they sink - even NPCs will do this. To loot enemies with the new mechanics while a battle is ongoing you need to be nearly on top of them before the x will appear, and you need to be going below 2.5kn (still testing, could still be 3.5 but have seen mixed results - 2.5 will guarantee you are slow enough).

DLC ships can be broken down just like any other ship, so you can get resources from them. If you buy a DLC out of the gate, it will only be good as a way to get a few resources from breaking it down and hoping for good rolls you can save for later. The best way to level up crafting is by crafting ships. Fish can be broken down into Provisions, which are used for shipcrafting. The numbers around the chart are therefore degrees relative the wind at which she can sail. Explore around different ports and you'll find some cheap ones.

The longer you wait to start creating resource reserves the more labor hours you're wasting. Medium Guns - Bad. We're going to be seeing a surge of people relying on the speed upgrades such as: Copper plating, Navy Planking, Navy Hull Refit, etc. When sailing a ship with multiple gun decks you can turn them on/off by pressing [F1-4]. Greenheart/Danzig Oak is still the most raw hp you can get from 2 woodtypes in game. Fishing is still very useful and when you are sailing most of the time you can just keep it on while you are doing other things. Usually youre looking at like 12 coal and 20 fir, or the equivalent.

Misc - II - DLC Guide: To DLC or not to DLC. Unlike permanent upgrades, ship upgrades can be changed at port at any time. In addition to the crafting info posted in Basics - I - Port, this section will contain the basics of crafting. To make sure you information is uptodate, use. She carries two bow chasers and four stern chasers. It isn’t.
Packing 53 guns a broadside makes the Victory the second most lethal ship in the game in terms of firepower. This isn’t as great a bonus as it sounds, since good breakdown rolls are very very rare.

Double Hammocks - highly valuable, always sought after. Both longs and carros are significantly better.

If you are taking on a bunch of ships much smaller than you thats fine - you will get a bonus to xp based on the increased damage you are doing to the elites, and they will have elite drops for you so make sure you loot them.

Gold/Silver chest missions are rare spawns that get determined after the server reset. This is by far the most time/cost efficient way to obtain seasoned woods (or the permits themselves). 10 is best, all values compared to the best performing in category IE oak's resistance to decay is 8, fir (pine) is 4 so fir will decay twice as fast.

Obusiers - Elite, dropped by elite NPCs. Melee - Just like firepower, if the number is high you know the enemy is trying to attack you and you should defend. © Valve Corporation.

Largest Ship you can crew Jonker 0 40 Cutter Adelborst 500 60 Privateer Tweede Luitenant 1000 120 Snow Eerste Luitenant 1500 150 Niagara Kapitein-Luitenant 3000 200 Cerberus Kapitein 5000 250 Surprise Commandeur-Kapitein 10000 350 Trincomalee Vlaggenkapitein 20000 650 3rd rate Commandeur 40000 800 Pavel Schout-bij-Nacht 80000 1100 Santisima La Reqs – Can sail very fast upwind and are boarding nightmares with their super high crew capacity. Don’t be worried about getting rid of these missions. This does not pertain to HDFs, discussed elsewhere. After a brief description of their names I will provide a quick update on Captain Collister's excellent gun guide at bottom. Tools, at their cheapest, go at around 1.8k and are often much more - so even if you were to buy all the tools at 1.8k, it would cost you over 2million reals. However, if you do manage to wield her successfully in battle, she will tear apart any enemy ship.

After looking in Kingston, the cheapest listed is 69k. However, the picture shows the opposite and has the sails in the same position as for turning with the wind.

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