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3 ratings. Largo Bay Coconut Rum is one of 6 rum brands created by Distiller Sales of Princeton Minnesota.

The rum is distilled at the West Indies Rum Distillery in Barbados.

Sacramento, Largo Bay Rum Coconut (P), Flavored Rum, United States, Largo Bay Rum Coconut (P), Flavored Rum, Minnesota, United States. Wine-Searcher's historical data and benchmark analysis provides trustworthy and valuable insights into likely market trends. Precise categorization can be tricky for some of the products found below, as marketing and legal imperitives conflict, and product characteristics vary across markets. In US and Canadian markets, the legal definition of... Barbados is an island in the Lesser Antilles, the archipelago that marks the eastern edge of the Caribbean.

Be the first person to review this product. [See more]. from 1 oz. with LARGO BAY RUM COCONUT (P) 750ml. Please input the URL directly to the vendor page with the rum for sale and we will automatically show it on RumRatings. Easily access Rumratings while on the go by adding a shortcut to your home screen.

Spirits Direct Item. Blend until smooth. The straight version is zero carbs. icon and then Have you had Malibu rum?

Ownership: Distiller Sales Company.. Serious improvement needed, Posted

Largo Bay rums are produced by the West Indies Rum Distillery Ltd. on the island of Barbados. [See more], Local delivery within FLNo minimum order. by It may be good in something but not worth the thought process. 4 oz. by 305 ratings. This category includes a wide variety of drinks based on rum. And frankly I wouldn't use this in any mixed drink. USA: (NV) Las Vegas . by Strawberry to garnish.

2654 ratings. from Nasty burn at … If you want GOOD coconut rum try Siesta Key toasted coconut rum and Koloa Kaua`i Coconut Rum. Caribbean - A sweet, smooth, coconut flavored White Rum.

Spirits are not eligible for shipping to California.

Ken Underproof and usually mixed into a cocktail but also enjoyable on the rocks. 71 ratings. Local delivery within WANo minimum order. United States This is a carbon copy. Master of Mixes Strawberry Daiquiri BRAND.

Double Gold Medal- San Francisco Spirits Competition. Orlando, USA: (CA) Double Gold Medal- San Francisco Spirits Competition. Confirm your address to check eligibility. Check with the merchant for stock availability. More like a liqueur than a flavored rum. Part of the drink’s popularity is attributed to the Royal Navy, which gave its sailors daily rations of rum. Sugar cane and rum production spread throughout the Caribbean after 1493, when Christopher Columbus brought sugar cane cuttings to the region. These elegant and fruity rums add the flavor of the islands to any mixed drink. Tastes like Malibu coconut rum at a better price . Largo Bay Coconut Rum, Flavored Rum, Puerto Rico $ 9.00 $ 12.00 / 1000ml.

Posted Pour La Caña Grande Silver Rum into blender with ice. This category includes a wide variety of drinks based on rum. Here are some other versions - Rum Bacardis: Bacardi Light 0g Bacardi Gold …

Its Largo Bay rums are made in classic gold and silver styles, as well as in spiced and flavored varieties. United States

2 years ago Largo Bay Coconut Rum. Upgrade to PRO to view all 816 results for the location you've chosen. Fresh coconut and almond flavors make this a great spirit to enjoy on the rocks, with cola, in tropical cocktails or other mixed drinks.

USA: (WA) Grapevines do not grow well in Barbados' hot, humid climate, but the island does produce rum – in respectable quantities given its small size. 1.75L. from Las Vegas, USA: (FL)

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