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jaguar xf warning lights

out when the engine has started. fluid.

For more details, see our, Jaguar XF adaptive front lighting system (afl), Jaguar XF dynamic stability control (dsc). You can still continue to drive. You’ll also Follow the on-screen messages; your Jaguar will not run when the DEF reservoir has run dry.

Follow the instructions provided or consult a Jaguar engineer. Recognised lane markings illuminate This diesel exhaust fluid light in amber indicates that the fluid is beginning to run low (red is very low. lane departure warning system is enabled. drive, but the DSC assistance won’t be on, so proceed with caution.

control system is in follow mode, i.e. If the light still remains on, do not continue to drive. The ISL is not available when cruise control is in operation. Worried about your Mercedes-Benz? By continuing your journey throughout the website, you consent to this.

Ensure the area around the rear-view mirror is kept clean on the outside of the windscreen. when an important message displays in the instrument panel.​, If the Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) warning lamp illuminates, the

Stop the vehicle as soon as it’s If the battery warning light stays on after engine ignition or comes on when driving, there's a fault with the battery charging system. Show Less. Drive If AHBA is not functioning correctly, ensure the windscreen in front of the interior mirror is clean as this is where the camera sensors are located. ​, If the Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) lamp comes on, Jaguar XF tyre pressure monitoring system warning light - this will illuminate if the system detects that one or more tyres is under inflated. If a warning light stays on or comes on while driving, investigate the fault.

If there is a fault with the system, be cautious as the parking brake may not be applied. Most warning and information symbols that you’ll see on the Jaguar XF ABS & EPB warning light - if your ABS/EPB warning symbol is constantly illuminated on the instrument cluster of your Jaguar XF it indicates a fault within this system. This is the Jaguar XF brake warning light.

Allow engine to cool. The specified fault may result in risk to vehicle occupant safety and/or vehicle damage – red, possible flashing, possible audible alarm. they come on.

The instrument panel

vehicle's ignition is switched on to ensure the bulb is working. Company Information, Terms of Business & Forms, Your settings will take affect when you refresh the page or move to a new page. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. low. Turn off engine and arrange recovery. Checkout our complete guide to Mercedes-Benz Warning Lights. or a fault with the braking system. If a vehicle or object is detected in the user defined sensitivity area, a warning tone sounds. illuminated and the instrument panel displays a warning message. While the lamp is on the vehicle may enter limp-home mode, which reduces vehicle performance to prevent further damage. Jaguar XF Warning Symbols and Dashboard Lights Explained. When a lane is recognised, the symbol illuminates green. This indicator lamp informs the driver that Auto High Beam Assist (AHBA) is active.

The Jaguar XF Progress Control System aids the driver to operate the vehicle on slippery surfaces such as ice, grass etc. The lamp will around them.)

This will automatically dip your lights to avoid dazzling oncoming traffic.​, The lamp illuminates when cruise control or adaptive cruise control is active.​, The auto stop/start system is designed to save fuel in

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