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So, instead of swanning off to Moose Jaw with the Buffalo on their backs later this month, Jones and her gal pals—Kaitlyn Lawes, Jocelyn Peterman, Dawn McEwen—will be required to get the better of Tracy Fleury in a one-off, wild-card game on Valentine’s Day. functions on the whims and dictates of the faceless, unknowing taskmasters at Postmedia, which is most unfortunate. Well, he might be the exception to the rule. I don’t know about you, but I’ve viewed numerous replays of the Rink Rat Scheifele-Matthew Tkachuk incident on Saturday night—from various angles and at different speeds—and I failed to see anything sinister. QB Zach Collaros takes his Grey Cup ring and runs to the Republic of Tranna, where he becomes the starter with the Boatmen. Weight in Kilograms: 72 Kg. She came out as gay.

to NHL players for standing during the playing of the, when they returned to the ice last week, but Hockey Diversity Alliance co-founder Akim Aliu was having none of it. True story: I called up the feed for a Sunday morning scrimmage and there might have been 50 people in the building. We’d drive down Hwy. There are no gay hockey players. Jets officially puts Leafs’ Matthews in Hart Trophy talks.” According to essayist Chris Johnston, “The superstar centre willed his Toronto Maple Leafs to a point” and “you are starting to see Matthews exert his will in all three zones” and “against the Jets, he was the only reason the Leafs walked out of Scotiabank Arena with something to show for their night.” That’s all fine and dandy, except for one small detail—the Jets won the freaking game! I might be the first white guy in hockey to lose his job because of his skin color.

It’s a well-written, informative piece, but we don’t have to go back 100 years to realize that men’s hockey isn’t an inclusive enterprise. When they believed they were getting a raw deal, they started their own league and made it work. The Drab Slab does a much, much better job, but coverage is still scant in comparison to back in the day. Odd thing is, the Dream Gappers actually have friends in the media, most notably Ron MacLean and his Hometown Hockey co-host Tara Slone, who engaged in some pathetic pandering during a chin-wag with the aforementioned Erica Howe on Sunday. McLean. He has refereed in junior, minor pro, senior, and university leagues across Canada, mostly in the Southern Ontario region. Bennett authored a thought-provoking essay on the current racist unrest in the U.S., and he closed with this: “I’m going to challenge my own industry. On the domestic violence file, male scribes crucified NFL commissioner Roger Goodell for his botched handling of the Ray Rice case after viewing video evidence of the former running back dragging his unconscious girlfriend off an elevator, but then the boys celebrated the arrival of woman-beating Johnny Manziel to the Canadian Football League. I’ve been writing about the Canadian Football League since 1980—Toronto Sun, Calgary Sun, Winnipeg Sun and now as a blogger—so I must report that, yes, not having anything but Commish Randy Ambrosie’s awkward mutterings to opine about these days is a total bummer.

They didn’t, and that’s just wrong. For the record, I think they’d be doing the dirty to Nichols if they punt him, but it’s just another example of how cruel pro sports, especially football, can be. I mean, you can’t make adults eat their Brussels sprouts and you can’t make them watch professional women’s hockey. The spin doctors describe that as “a shameful part of our past,” (ya think?) Monday morning coming down in 3, 2, 1…and I don’t know if I gained or lost an hour on the weekend…. Oh, well, at least I’ve still got Hometown Hockey with Tara Slone. Usually it was Steady Eddie Dearden on the beat for us at the, , and either Bags Bagley or Knobby Beck for the. It was an astonishing admission, but MacLean found no requirement to give ponder to racism and sexism because it wasn’t, and isn’t, his ox being gored. I can’t see Jimmy G getting away with that against the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl LIV, though. Until grade 10, she went to Halifax Grammar School. We’ve been listening to the empty squawkings of colorless commentator Campbell-Pascall for years now, and we’ve grown accustomed to Simpson’s smooth interview skills.

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