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There are far more in the trenches than a bonehead like me. I love her very much. She has saved my life many, many times. Prison Letters: An Interview with Paul Alan Smith and Carl Weathers. Others say this shows his extreme popularity across the globe. Ask yourself, where is the money in it? If you invest in these communities and these young people, how many will you have to incarcerate and put through the system later? They are, in my mind, amongst many heroes fighting to work with these men and women behind bars. We all give in our own way.

© Crime Story Media LLC. I refuse to be strip-searched going to and returning from a visit. Official Pix is extremely proud to offer our first private signing ever with actor Carl Weathers! Relationship history. This is truly a crazy-type letter. So I think there’s a design in all this that’s so obvious. Just hard facts of the truth. Vanity relationship list. I want to briefly touch on the concept of abolition. That is my takeaway. I’m just becoming more and more and more and more and more aware of the otherization of people. Best wishes, Tiyo. Paul introduced me to the concept of this book in conversation, and after reading the letters, it was really apparent to me that there was something really worthwhile in putting this out into the world. The above-mentioned folks are kind enough to send me money via money order that enables me to buy toilet articles, long underwear, socks, boots, etc., and to pay when I go to sick hall. Twitter dedicado al personaje; Rocky Balboa y el boxeo. A new book, Pen Pal: Prison Letters From a Free Spirit On Slow Death Row, is a collection of letters written by Attallah Salah-El over a decade to his friend, Paul Alan Smith. What Tiyo’s objective was, he looks at systemic problems and says, “How can I contribute to the rectification of a problem that keeps repeating itself? Mike Romano: Client Released from Prison after 22 Years and an “Overwhelming Record of... Mongol: The Trial of David Martinez — Parts 6 & 7. Those people, talk about heroes, because they have very full lives, and to commit the time to helping this man who’s incarcerated for life, there’s no return there except the joy of being able to help someone. But there needs to be great revision in how this system operates. Nor do I have money.

Prison Letters: An Interview with Paul Alan Smith and Carl Weathers . I explained my reasons to them and all is well. If there’s no money in it, we don’t give it much attention. UPDATE 05/11/2020 : This story seems to be false. He's still alive and well, stop believing what you see on the Internet,” they said.

That’s a commendable trait in anyone. Carl Weathers was born on January 14, 1948 in New Orleans. He will be missed but not forgotten. I think one of the things that makes this book really special is that it shows that a human being is many, many things at the same time. At the same time, a brutal up-and-comer (Mr. T as Clubber Lang) has been climbing the ranks. She knows that she may die soon. Carl Weathers and Denise Matthews (Vanity) in... From the web Obama's Keystone XL announcement under attack from both sides Los Angeles Times - 8:26 PM President Obama visits the TransC... Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. But in Tiyo’s case, and for men and women like Tiyo, my God, one wrong turn and that road can be a road that you can never get off of. It just goes on and on and on. So that whole criminal stigma is just one that I’m not real comfortable with, and I’d like to reject, because the circumstances that put people behind these bars are not necessarily always circumstances that are a result of something they’ve done. I think something that’s really beautiful about Tiyo’s story is he himself has said, “I did some things that were criminal back in the day, and that I’m not proud of, but that’s not the only thing that I am.”. It’s saying that the abolition of prison will help us rectify the very reason that we, at least intellectually, convinced ourselves that prisons were necessary to rectify X, Y and Z. This doesn’t make sense.” And my hope was that the manner by which they came to these conclusions was reminiscent of good political theater. “He joins the long list of celebrities who have been victimized by this hoax. There it is, in a nutshell. The latest Tweets from Rocky Balboa (@BalboaRocky281).

I’m amazed that I’ve lived this long. I’m fucked up about it. He was a veteran, he was a musician, he was a criminal, he was an educator.

Thank you, both. Paul’s obvious relationship with him came through in those letters, and the affection and friendship that grew seemed to me to be in itself a really powerful statement. Tiyo’s philosophy is an interesting counterargument to the current progressive, mainstream platform of separating out nonviolent drug offenders from the “violent predators” within our prison system. Diggin' life's martini, with a twist of 21st century consciousness. Carl Weathers Death Hoax Dismissed Since Actor Is ‘Alive And Well’.

One thing Tiyo continually talks about is helping others. For full biography, see Publisher Biography link. Some fans have expressed anger at the fake report saying it was reckless, distressing and hurtful to fans of the much loved actor. Before we go, let’s hear from Tiyo, himself, as read by Carl Weathers. I’ll chill until I hear from you and hear that’s OK to continue moving forward with your friendship. Kary Antholis founded Crime Story Media, LLC in July 2019, after retiring as President of Miniseries and Cinemax Programming at HBO. There’s no benefit to you economically. You’ll learn the way i had to speak to a group of prisoners who wanted to rape a young white kid who was sentenced to life and is new to prison life. No real structure, no paragraphs, etc.

But we give a lot of attention to the prison industrial complex, because there’s lots of money to be made, from the cars that we transport people in, to the weapons that we utilize, to the uniforms, to the gasoline to run those vehicles, to the institutions that we build to house them in. I’m not going to reread this letter. I’d like to chime in first, if I may, because you used the word “he was a criminal.” I think that’s a really loaded word. Like Lois Ahrens, Monty Neill, Howard Zinn, who help folks like Tiyo getting degrees, Erika Arthur, helping others like Tiyo.

There’s no profit in putting people through school. You’ll learn how she protected me, cared for the wounds on my body, would not allow the police to kill me. ‘The Mandalorian’ Season 1 recap delivers heroes, villains, and Baby Yoda ahead of Season 2 premiere [Watch] 30 October 2020 | … The whole idea of incarceration in this country, it is such a business. I’m being upfront with you about everything. And secondly, that punishments must reflect the severity of the crime and they must be final, regardless of how much that human being grows and develops and gives within the course of his confinement. It’s pay me now or pay me later. I want to complete the book before she dies.

Some pointed out that the news had not been carried on any major American network, indicating that it was a fake report, as the death of an actor of Carl Weathers' stature would be major news across networks. His life became dedicated to abolition, the idea that the world would be a better, more just place without imprisonment. Well, Amanda, this is a very, very complex subject. If I impact this over here, what are the ramifications over there? You may not think highly of me. You’ve moved me to make a confession. Interviews: The Los Angeles D.A. Some of us give less, some of us give more. They understand my position on these issues. Rumors of the actor’s alleged demise gained traction on Tuesday after a ‘R.I.P. Recently, she had a stroke and can’t talk. You’ll also learn that it was the son of my sister, Hasel, who set me up after I saved his life. And towards the end, I was looking at all these letters that I had saved ― I think there were about 568 ― and I thought, “Wouldn’t it be interesting if I could somehow share the experience with others, particularly those of whom have had as little connection to the actual machinations of the penitentiary system as I had?” And the takeaway was, “Why is this guy still in prison? Tiyo and I had been pen pals for 14 years. (read more), Carl Weathers death hoax spreads on Facebook. © 2020 MediaMass All rights reserved. You’re so engaged with the story, you don’t realize what you’re taking away until you leave the theater. Tiyo Attallah Salah-El was a decorated Korean War veteran and jazz musician who, in 1975, was sentenced to life in prison for murder. All rights reserved. Unlimited space to host images, easy to use image uploader, albums, photo hosting, sharing, dynamic image resizing on web and mobile. My sister, Betty, is my life-long champion. And as usual, Twittersphere was frenzied over the death hoax.

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